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I have a huge yard in the middle of Toronto (164×50), I love gardens and lots of flowers, however I don’t need a lot of work to go with it. I opted to put in as many perennials as I could, as they come back every year and I’m not investing in flowers every year. I split and divide them as often as possible and let them take over the garden. The more flowers and plants in the garden, the less weeds you’ll get.

The only annuals I put in each year are in containers and boxes around the deck and patio. This year I planted over 400 impatiens in those various containers. I don’t skimp on the amount I plant, the more the better. I use Miracle Grow soil, which a little more expensive that regular dirt. It’s already aerated to allow the roots to expand quicker. I found using regular top soil is too heavy and is extremely dense, therefore the flowers have a harder time rooting. Also, as I’m planting them, I fertilize the earth prior to planting.

Look around your house for items that can be used as planters. Old pots, shoes, boots, pickle barrel, wicker baskets or anything else that will hold soil. Just keep in mind there must be good drainage in anything that you use, otherwise your plants will literally drown when watered and die.

Some years I mix and match annuals in these containers and other years I choose a color theme. Just use your imagination and you too can be surrounded by beautiful color throught the entire season.